Who We Are

Ecstatic Dance Reno is a monthly dance gathering where participants use the means of free-form dance to foster clarity, vitality, and healthy community. It is a safe, all-inclusive atmosphere for people to explore themselves and their connections to one another through dance and movement.
Each event offers a 2 hour free-form dance journey followed by a live sound healing meditation and closing circle.  We maintain the sanctity of the dance by keeping it drug and alcohol free, taking our shoes off, and staying non-verbal on the dance floor.  Everyone ages 7+ is welcome!


A native to the Sierra Nevadas, Alicia Kelly finds passion in all things organic. Inspired by music (beats and heavy bass to the sound of nature’s grace), she resonates and fuses all paths and hopes to be a catalyst for healing, awareness, and tranquility to our people and our planet. Fueled by LOVE, she invites all to join the movement.


Sebastian Elcano lives to love! Powerfully impacted by the yogic tradition, his life is centered around the constant realization of his Truest self right Now; through all circumstances. He uses the methods of yoga, dance, and active community involvement to foster the clarity and vitality he seeks. Catch him on the dance floor bustin’ a move!!

What We Do

We LOVE to dance!
Ecstatic Dance Reno provides a safe, all-inclusive, sacred space for people to awaken their aliveness through the practice of free-form dance.  We’re committed to growing a healthy, lucid, and vibrantly-alive dance community through consistently providing this type of space.
The once per month practice of Ecstatic Dance, grounds us in the remembrance that Life itself is a constant dance. Coming to dance regularly, we can notice ourselves becoming more open and flexible to respond intelligently to the ever changing life circumstances in which we find ourselves.  Doing this practice in a communal setting alongside our brothers and sisters, adds another benefit to the mix, giving us the opportunity to feel connected, and unconditionally accepted… exactly the way we are.

Why We Do It

The practice of Ecstatic Dance has made such a tremendously beautiful impact on both of our lives that we feel a burning desire to offer this potent, and much needed medicine to our community. The sense of clarity, synergy, vitality, love, and fun that Ecstatic Dance allows us to access so directly, is what makes it such an effective practice.
Most of us want to feel ALIVE and CONNECTED, and the dance is a way to make it happen for ourselves. We are committed to creating a thriving Ecstatic Dance community here in Reno and giving people the tools they need to make their own lives into a conscious dance.  We know the transformative power of dance firsthand, as it has changed our lives immensely. We also witness this transformation taking place in people all around us, on a regular basis.
It’s becoming more clear than ever that our bodies need to be moved in order to maintain optimal health, and balance.  We are offering Ecstatic Dance as a way to break free from cultural cycles of stagnation and disease to instead allow people to more easily embrace happiness, health, and conscious community. The method is simple, effective, and whole lotta fun!!
Move your Body, Awaken your Aliveness!

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions & Answers

The cost is $15 for each session. Bulk session passes are available for a discounted price. Please see either Alicia or Sebastian directly for latest bulk pass deals and information
At this point in time, we ask that all payments be made with cash.
No experience is necessary! This is a safe space where people of all ability levels can explore their own movement capacity. Come as you are, move as you wish.
Our dance session begins at 7 PM and ends around 9:30 PM.
The whole experience, from warmup to closing circle, is designed to create one fluid, synergistic journey, so it is optimal if you can be there for the whole thing. However, it is totally fine to drop in whenever you can!
For the remainder of the 2017 dance year, we will be meeting at Z Body Fitness located at 7111 S Virginia St, Reno, NV 89511.
Ecstatic Dance Reno is not affiliated with any particular religion. People come and receive what they need. For some, it can be a powerfully spiritual experience, and for others, it can be an awesome workout or a way to create community. It’s whatever you want it to be.
As long as they are age 7 and up, and can stay nonverbal throughout the practice, children are absolutely welcome to attend Ecstatic Dance.
Ecstatic Dance DJs all have their own unique style, so it depends on what DJ is playing. However, in general, the music is diverse, and emotionally/energetically dynamic mix of electronic dance music. The experience comes as a wave that starts off mellow, slowly builds to a climax and stays there for awhile, then slowly comes back down to stillness.
We recommend you wear comfortable clothes that you could do yoga and stretch in. Clothing that allows you a full range of movement and is not binding or constricting in any way is best.
Only bare feet or socks are allowed on the dance floor. This is to enhance your sensitivity to your connection with the ground as you dance. Doing so increases coordination, and just plain feels goooood.

Reach Out To Us

We’re here for you!

Please contact us with any questions or comments.

Email: EcstaticDanceReno@Gmail.com

Location: Acro Enso

Address: 601 E. 4th St, Reno, NV 89512