Night Dance ft. Gambling Galaxies – 01/14/18

We are ECSTATIC to announce our first night dance of the 2018 dance year! Join as we ride the dance journey wave, after dark! This will be a 2 1/2 hour long dance with no guided warm up beforehand. Our good friend and resident DJ Gambling Galaxies will be guiding us on this very special dance journey. Plan for an extra 30-minute cool-down and closing ceremony at the end of our session.

Ecstatic Nights with YoHm – 11/19/17

We are ECSTATIC to announce second night dance and the first of our new monthly dance schedule! Join us with our resident DJ YoHm as we ride the dance journey wave after dark! This will be a 2 1/2 hour dance with no guided warmup beforehand. The extra time will allow for the music to slowly build, to warm up the body, and to kindle emotional development and connection.

Dance with DJ Open Heart – 10/29/17

While the rest of our friends and family enjoy their last day out at Burning Man, we get to enjoy another Sunday morning on the dance floor and boy is it going to be a special one! Our one and only beloved, Sebastian (aka DJ Open Heart) will be DJing his first Ecstatic Dance set! He’s very excited to pick up where he left off and share his love of music and skill on the decks with all of us!

Dance with The PostmOn – 10/22/17

The PostmOn is truly a messenger of inspired and conscious music. He began DJing reggae music in the early ‘90s, held Reno’s longest-running club DJ night “Rasta Sessions”, and later parlayed those club sets into the eight-and-a-half-year running public radio show Reggae Fi’Real. Later, Anthony’s longtime fascination with world music led him to create and host World Spins, as well as The Dub Zone.