Night Dance ft. Gambling Galaxies – 01/14/18

We are ECSTATIC to announce our first night dance of the 2018 dance year!

Join us Sunday Night, January 14th, 2018 with our beloved resident DJ Gambling Galaxies!!

Join as we ride the dance journey wave, after dark!

Taking place at our new temporary venue Z-Body Fitness, this will be a 2 1/2 hour dance with no guided warmup beforehand. The extra time will allow for the music to slowly build to warm up the body and kindle emotional development and connection.

7:00 pm – 9:30 pm — Ecstatic Dance with Gambling Galaxies



Your $15 admission fee includes a complimentary warm-up class which varies weekly. The warm-up is completely optional, so if you would only like to participate in the dance session, please arrive at 7:00 pm.
Keep in mind Ecstatic Dance is a substance-free, all-inclusive, judgment-free practice. In respect for the practice and our fellow dancers, there is no talking on the dance floor.
Please remember to bring a reusable bottle for water, an open mind, and a smile! See you on the dance floor! 🙂
Therapeutic massage will also be offered during the event. If you’re interested in some bodywork, bring some extra cash and sign up for a time slot when you get there!


Crunchy frenetic beats and smooth melodic grooves – the music of Gambling Galaxies emerges from its Reno-based creator’s passion for variety.
From tunes to tie-dye, the classically-trained pianist digs into an eclectic style to push some crystal clear cochlear candy.
His sets tangle the freshest tunes with sultry bass to get music lovers movin’ and groovin’!